Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine is the most popular timber in New Zealand, and the most commonly planted pine in the world, as it grows quickly, and is easily managed. It has a smooth, clean surface, and is commonly used for not only framing, but also finishing.

Radiata Pine


  • Even texture
  • Wide variety of uses
  • Holds screws and nails well
  • Takes paint, stain and glue well
  • Not naturally durable (but is easily treated)

Radiata Pine


  • Can be used in a wide variety of moulding and timber profiles.
  • Widely used in construction when treated
  • Used for furniture, mouldings, trim and panelling when untreated.
  • Woodchips are made into hardboard, softboard, particle board and MDF panels, newsprint and high grade packaging papers.
radiata pine construction

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