Macrocarpa is a well known decorative softwood timber which is very popular in New Zealand. The appearance is similar to Kauri and quartersawn material has a speckled appearance. The heartwood is golden-brown in colour, sometimes with a pinkish tinge. When freshly cut, macrocarpa has a fragrant spicy odour. Contact us for more info.



  • Doesn’t shrink or swell very much (less than radiata pine), excellent stability.
  • Appearance and visual appeal. An attractive furniture timber.
  • Heartwood naturally durable.
  • Quite soft.
  • It has a decent natural durability
  • Durability is limited with ground contact.



Macrocarpa is quite a stiff and strong timber which makes it suitable for a number of light structural uses.

  • Macrocarpa heartwood durability is equivalent to structural grade radiata pine H3.2
  • A good timber for boat building. (Cannot be steam bent)
  • Timberframes
  • Posts and beams
  • Doors
  • Kitchen bench top
  • Joinery
  • Flooring
aged macrocarpa decking

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