To book your delivery or to inquire about our firewood please contact Anna  or Ph 021 045 1065


 Firewood - Delivered*

Approximate Quantity (m3) Price
(GST incl)
THROWN LOAD (cut, mixed thickness, mixed species)
1m3 $100
2m3 $190
3m3 $270
4m3 $350
1 BUNDLE (bundle of uncut lengths)
2m3 $135
2 BUNDLES (bundles of uncut lengths)
4m3 $250

To book your delivery please contact Anna.


  • We can give you a delivery date but NOT an exact time of the day. You can specify your preference of either AM or PM if needed.
  • We ask all firewood customers to please leave a sign out saying "TIP HERE" so the driver can see it. This way he can tip in the correct spot.
  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your firewood delivery. Note, the full delivery must be returned to the mill at your own expense.


Frequently Asked Questions


We mill numerous different timber species hence the firewood being mixed. i.e. Macrocarpa, Lawson, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Cedar, Gum, Pine etc…

When available GUM ONLY bundles are $170.00 delivered locally. Cut Gum/Hardwood only, $160 per cube. For a guarantee of no Pine/Mac etc…. you'll have to come out to the mill to select your own pieces/basket EX-YARD.

The majority of your load will be 25mm in length. Expect a portion a little longer & smaller too. The slabs that we cut for firewood are milled slab. Therfore thay usually taper from thick at one end to thin at the other giving various thicknesses. Please note, if you get a lot of smaller pieces we will put more on your load to compensate. We do our best to give evenly mixed loads.

Occasionally, we will mix in dressed timber off-cuts as well.

No. For this you'll have to come out to the mill to select your own pieces ie kindling only, small firewood size only, chunky only, split only.

Sometimes we have EX-YARD baskets of split firewood available.

Seasoned: yes. Wet, if raining. We don't keep our firewood under cover at the mill.

They vary in length. Bundles may have pieces up to 3.5m long.

They make approx 2 - 2.5 cube of cut thrown firewood.

Approx 2300mm wide including the side mirrors.

Yes. We have a single cab ute to deliver 1 and sometimes 2 cube loads. We always deliver 1 cube loads on the ute.

By email:

Please give me your name, address, phone number & preferred delivery date.

I'll reply to you asap (usually on the day email sent) to confirm a date and send our bank account details.

Only if you can't be found on google maps. Otherwise the address is all we require.

No. Please leave a sign out for the driver to see, saying "TIP HERE".

Yes he can but if no one answers the phone he'll leave the mill for your house anyway.

8.30am - 12 noon Saturdays.

8am - 4pm during the week.

Please note we can't give you an exact time. We can specify AM or PM or an approx window of time if needed.

Yes, Saturday mornings.

No. Just leave a sign out saying "TIP HERE" for the driver to see.

Anytime you've burnt your last fire. Basically during the warmer months. This way you know you'll have bone dry firewood when winter hits.

This depends on how cold it/you get, insulation etc.......

What we can tell you is that the average NZ household that relies solely on a fire for heating needs approx 10 cube per year.

This is not possible unless you have a roof-line of over 4.5m high. This is the height of the truck when fully tipped up.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Please note the FULL load of firewood must be bought back to the mill at your own expense.

We mill numerous different timber species. Hense the firewood being mixed. IE Macrocarpa, Lawson, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Ceder, Gum, Pine etc…


*  The boundaries of the Tauranga Area to which the pricing table applies are as follows:

  • Kaimais - up to the Kaimai School
  • Kaimais - to McLaren Falls
  • Te Puna - to the Nourish Cafe
  • Pyes Pa - up to Pyes Pa School
  • Ohauiti - up to Boscabel Drive
  • Oropi - up to the hot pools
  • Welcome Bay - to Welcome Bay School
  • All of the following: Tauranga Central, Otumoetai, Matua, Bethlehem, Greerton, Maungatapu

Surcharge for delivery outside of the the above boundaries is by negotiation.

As examples, the following surcharges will apply:

  • All of Mt Maunganui, Welcome Bay hot pools area - $10
  • ASB Stadium/Bay Park to Papamoa Domain Rd - $20
  • Far Papamoa, Omokoroa - $30


Our Ex-Yard Firewood Service


When buying direct from our yard, our cut firewood is sold by the basket.

The basket dimensions are 1000mm high x 1000mm long x 1200mm wide, holding approximately 1.2m3 of thrown firewood.

Firewood baskets vary in price. Here are some examples:

$80 Smaller offcuts from the workshops

Ideal for kindling. Mixed species.

$100 Milled offcuts or split wood

Mixed species: i.e. Macrocarpa, Lawson Cypress, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Cedar, Gum, Pine, etc.

$130 Milled offcuts or split hardword i.e. Gum

NB  Add another $20 if you'd like the baskets delivered within the Tauranga boundaries specified


Bundles are uncut lengths of wood strapped together. Our bundles equate to approximately 2m3 of cut firewood.

$115 Mixed sizes and species.

Note: if we have any Gum bundles available, and more importantly accessible, they are $150 per bundle.

On entering the mill, please sign in and ensure you put on a high-visibility vest. You will require a staff member to escort you to the firewood baskets/bundles.


2 cube or more are delivered on the tip truck pictured in the gallery (picture shown is 2 cube).