Garden Products

For several years we have produced and supplied durable hardwood garden stakes and easy, no-nails raised garden beds. In addition we make decorative flower pot holders and seedling trays.

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Raised Garden Beds

Macrocarpa (non treated) inter-locking garden boxes.

Standard sizes range from 800 x 800 up to 2700 x 1200. We don't recommend going longer than 2700 as boxes will be more likely to bow/warp.

Square or rectangular boxes work out to be $15 + GST per lineal metre. For L-shaped or other irregular shaped boxes please factor in a price of $18 + GST per lineal metre.

*800 x 800 x 2 layers high (270mm high) is 6.4m of timber. $96.00 + GST

*800 x 800 x 3 layers high (400mm high) is 9.6m of timber. $144.00 + GST

*2700 x 1200 x 2 layers high is 15.6m of timber. $234.00 + GST

*2700 x 1200 x 3 layers high is 23.4m of timber.  $351.00 + GST.


Please when requesting a quote always refer to the overall external dimensions, including the corners. The interior growing space will be less. (The corner cross-overs and the thickness of the timber result in a margin of approximately 110mm.) 

Hardwood Stake Prices

Pointed Hardwood Stakes.

25x25 Rough Sawn $1.50+ gst  per metre 

40x40 Rough Sawn $2.40+ gst per metre